Test Insulation Reliability with the 210400 Megger Insulation Resistance Meter

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Insulation resistance is an important electrical characteristic that indicates the reliability of insulators. A deteriorating insulator will have increased conductivity which can be dangerous because it may allow currents to flow. This can cause problems like power loss, an unstable system and the risk of electrocution.

MegOhmmeters are instruments used to measure the resistance of insulators like electrical standoffs, surge arresters and cable insulation. Proper caution should be practiced when using MegOhmmeters because they put out a very high voltage which can harm the user. One of the MegOhmmeters on the market is the Megger 210400 
insulation test meter. It has a variable output voltage of 250 Volts up to 5 kiloVolts which allows it to measure resistance up to 100,000 MegOhms. It features an internal voltage stabilization system to improve measuring accuracy. Also, to protect you from harm during use, it has zero-start interlock switches, circuit breaker protection and redundant ground connections. This Megger meter makes it suitable for Dielectric Absorption Ratio and step voltage diagnostics. 

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