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Test High Current Circuit Breakers with the PI-5000 Circuit Breaker Test Set

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Using ordinary circuit breaker testers on high current breakers isn’t enough because the output power isn’t sufficient to simulate operating conditions. It is important to use a tester that has a high current output to avoid false test results. If you need a tester, consider checking out the PI-5000 from Electrical Test Instruments.

The PI-5000 
circuit breaker test set is composed of the PI2500 and AUX-5000 modules. The PI2500 is the main test set and the AUX-5000 extends its current capacity allowing it to conduct tests on breakers with a 4000 Ampere rating. The PI-5000 utilizes silicon controlled rectifiers to switch currents and reduce closing time errors during diagnostics. It has solid connection stabs to ensure maximum delivery of the test current to the sample. It has a serial port so you can hook it up to a computer and directly download data. It also has a  RJ-12 jack so you can connect it to a serial terminal for remote controlled operation.

If you find the PI-5000 interesting, rent one today from Protec Equipment Resources. To learn more about our services and other tools available, contact us and let a representative assist you.