Test Ground Over-Current Relays Correctly with the Doble F6150

Doble F6150 Relay Testing SystemDoble provides several options for expanding the F6150 so it can be configured to fit your needs exactly.

The Doble F6150 High-Power Low-Range Current Sources:

The testing of high impedance electromechanical relays is a challenge for any test instrument. This is especially true if an over-current electromechanical relay is being used to detect ground or earth faults, one of the most critical and sensitive protections in the system. The ground over-current relays are relied on the most when everything else fails to detect a high resistance fault in the system. Therefore it is imperative to ensure that the ground over current relays are working correctly. The Doble F6150 is the only instrument that has the power to test ground over-current relays correctly.


– The voltage amplifier can be used in a current mode, with the unique state-of-the-art direct coupled power amplified design.

– This amplifier design provides multiple ranges, each capable of delivering full power during testing.

When the voltage amplifier is used in a current mode, it delivers 1.5A, 3.0A or 6.0A at 450 VA in a single phase. When the amplifier is used in a 3 phase mode it provides 150 VA power 0.5A. 1.0A or 2A. No other instrument is capable of delivering such high power at a low currant range. The Doble F6150 is the only instrument capable of testing this high impedance over current relay. 

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