Test GE PowerVac Breakers with the MAC-TS4 MAC Analysis Test Set

Vacuum Interrupters MAC-TS4 Magnetron Atmospheric Condition (MAC) Analysis Test SetVacuum Interrupters MAC-TS4 Magnetron Atmospheric Condition (MAC) Analysis Test Set (Vacuum Bottle Tester) is a rigid magnetic coil for the vacuum interrupter tester used for the testing of vacuum interrupters in GE PowerVac breakers in place without the need for disassembly.


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The MAC-TS4 vacuum interrupter test set utilizes the Penning discharge principle to easily determine the pressure inside a vacuum interrupter, along with wear, age and number of operations, predicts the usable life of the vacuum interrupters used in circuit breakers and contactors. 

Applied in combination with the MAC-TS4 test set, the Vacuum Interrupters PowerVAC V1 Rigid Magnetic Coil slides over the PowerVac Vacuum Bottle pole assembly, to determine the interrupter’s remaining lifespan without removing the vacuum interrupter. The MAC-TS4 and rigid coils reduce the downtime required to test vacuum interrupters in the field and help prevent unnecessary damage to your circuit breakers and contactors by identifying impending failures before they happen.

Vacuum Interrupters MAC-TS4 Magnetron Atmospheric Condition (MAC) Analysis Test Set Specifications:

Physical Specifications: 16.9” × 12.6” × 9.8” (430mm × 320mm × 250mm)  

Weight: 28.4 lb (12.9Kg)

Input Power: 120V AC 50/60Hz (standard), 230V AC 50/60Hz (optional)

Measure Range: 1 × 10-5  Pa ~ 1 × 10-1 Pa

Measure Accuracy: <10% of the reading

Display: Back-lit LCD screen (320 x 240 pixels); viewable in bright sunlight and low light conditions

Printer: Built-in 2.2-in. wide thermal printer

Internal Test Record Storage: Stores up to 500 test results

Computer Interface: One USB interface

Computer Software: Windows®-based software  

Certifications: CE certified

Environment: Operating: -10°C to +50°C (+15° F to +122° F)

Humidity: 85% Rh@ 40°C (104° F) non-condensing

Altitude: 2,000 M (6,562 ft) to full safety specifications


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