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Test Equipment to Keep Batteries in Good Shape

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In almost all parts of the world, batteries are used for main as well as backup systems. There can be sudden power failures, and it is always a good idea to have a battery backup for such cases. This is why some companies make sure that they have battery backup systems. However, these batteries need to be well maintained.

An effective method to keep a battery in good health is to schedule regular checks. There are two primary checks that are performed on batteries. The first important test gauges the condition of individual cells inside a battery, and it is known as the impedance test. This is an online test which can be performed frequently using simple equipment.

The second test is called the battery discharge test. This is an offline test that measures the output of a battery under high load conditions. The results of a discharge test show how the battery performsif it were to be put under a given amount of load.

Megger is a leading player in the manufacture of electrical test equipment that can perform these tests. Megger test equipment comes in several varieties which have been designed to check various types of batteries.