Test Equipment Rental Can Reduce Maintenance Costs on Transformers

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As transformers age, the efficiency of converting power from its primary to secondary windings decreases. This causes an increase in power losses which leads to heating up of the transformer. If the winding and core losses are not corrected, it can deteriorate quickly and eventually fail. Being able to correct the problems early will help extend the operating life of the transformer, thus saving you money on equipment replacement.

There are several tests conducted on transformers to assess their reliability. These tests help analyze the condition of the core, winding and terminal connections. Transformers get core problems due to their constant exposure to heat and electrical stress. The repeated expansion and contraction of the transformer’s components causes deformation or deterioration of the windings. If you don’t have the right tools to carry out these tests, consider 
test equipment rental. Rent the equipment you need at minimal costs instead of spending thousands of dollars on diagnostic equipment. This is a good way to reduce maintenance costs without compromising electrical safety.

If you need to test your transformers and don’t have adequate equipment, you might want to consider renting from Protec. We provide reliable diagnostic tools at affordable rental fees. Check out our inventory for available high voltage test equipment for rent.