Test Equipment Rental can Help Reduce the Cost of Electrical Preventive Maintenance

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There are still some people who don’t prioritize electrical maintenance thinking that the electrical system can easily be repaired in case of failure. However, this is not a good idea because of unexpected down time and expenses. Let’s say you have a simple open cable. If the cable shorts to the ground, the transformer and other equipment may get seriously damaged. If you are able to catch the problem early, you could recondition the cable and extend its operating life. This costs less than replacing a transformer and other electrical components. However, one of the hindrances in carrying out regular preventive maintenance is the cost of testers. A single device can cost several thousands of dollars. 

To help you overcome this problem, you might want to consider test equipment rental. You get to use high-end test devices for a reasonable rate depending on how many days you’ll be using the testers. You can choose from a wide selection of equipment from popular brands like Megger, ABB, Doble, Siemens and more.

For a reliable source of electrical test equipment, you might want to consider Protec Equipment Resources. Please contact our application experts at 1-866-352-5550 to request for a quote.