Test Equipment Rental as Easy as 123

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Understanding how to use the circuit breaker timer and analyzer can sometimes be very complicated. Some people spend hours reading a training manual about how to operate these vital testing tools. Vanguard test equipment’s DIGITMR timer takes complicated operations and puts your mind at ease with its versatile, intuitive design that helps users save time on testing without a lot of study to learn how to operate. 

The built in thermal printer is a plus giving you results in your choice of two formats, either tabular or graphic. The on board test record storage feature allows you to conduct the test in a stand-alone mode while in the field. You can also interface, collect data and conduct testing operations easily right from a PC. Vanguard’s test for slow closing will measure contract travel accurately during system maintenance while at the same time offering the ability to monitor current in the tripped close coiling.  

This handy unit will store up to 150 test records and 99 test plans. With simplified connections on one main contact assembly, this circuit breaker timer will monitor three breaker poles simultaneously. The easy push pad control gives you step by step information that makes it a truly hands on experience.

Test equipment rental of systems such as these is also very easy using Protec’s short and long term rental programs. Learn more about the rental rates for the equipment you need for your project by contacting our 24 hour live customer support at 866-352-5550