Test Equipment for Hipot Testing

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High voltage test equipment is primarily used for Hipot testing. Hipot testing is a short name for high potential testing. This involves several kinds of tests, including dielectric absorption test. The main motive behind these tests is to check insulation. The tests verify if insulation of a given system is good enough to resist the flow of current from one point to another.

This type of testing is non-destructive, which means it can test insulation without harming any equipment. These tests are particularly useful to find braided shielding, nicked insulation, problems related to terminal spacing, conductor contaminators, and other problems which can result in deteriorated insulation.

Testing on a production line is different as it focuses on the manufacturing process rather than individual units. This kind of testing can reveal faults in electrical equipment including transformers, and it is extremely useful in the electrical industry.

This testing is done after other tests like humidity and vibration analysis to diagnose any possible system degradation. Sophisticated electrical test equipment for these tests can even reveal pinhole defects.