Test Current Transformers with Confidence with the Vanguard EZCT-2000

Vanguard EZCT-2000 Automated CT Test Set Vanguard’s EZCT-2000 Automated CT Test Set is designed to be rugged and portable, making it ideal for industrial and field applications. The Vanguard’s EZCT-2000 Automated CT Test Set can perform CT excitation, winding polarity and current-ratio tests, all while the current transformer remains in its field-mounted configuration.

A third generation tester, the Vanguard’s EZCT-2000 Automated CT Test Set is microprocessor-controlled to ensure accuracy and reliability. With a maximum output test voltage of 2000 Volts AC the Vanguard’s EZCT-2000 Automated CT Test Set allows you to test large current transformers. 


The Vanguard’s EZCT-2000 Automated CT Test Set features:

• Conducts excitation, winding resistance, winding polarity and current-ratio tests
• 20X4 back-lit LCD screen
• Alphanumeric keypad
• Variable output test voltages from 0-50 VAC at 10 Amperes, 0-1200 VAC at 2 Amperes and 0-2000 VAC at 1.2 Amperes
• Measures current from 0-10 Amperes
• Measures winding resistance from 100 μΩ up to 10 Ω
• Measures current-ratio from 0.8 to 5,000
• Can measure phase angle from 0-360 degrees
• 4.5 inch wide thermal printer
• Can store 140 current transformer test records
• Stores 128 test plans
• USB flash drive port for extra storage
• USB and RS232 interfaces allows you to attach the device to a computer for remote-controlled operation and data analysis

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