Test Cable up to 10 miles with High Voltage VLF-6022 VLF Hipot Tester

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Very low frequency high potential testing is the most preferred method of testing medium voltage electric cables. This stress test helps determine faulty cables by applying high voltage on the conductor and seeing which cables will not be able to handle the strain. With this test, you’d be able to weed out bad cables with faulty insulation. 

VLF hipot testing is the preferred method of testing cables because it is non-destructive on good cables. DC hipot testing can damage electrical cables with good insulation because of the very high voltage applied to it.

High Voltage Incorporated is one of the leading manufacturers of VLF high potential test equipment. One of its popular testers is the VLF-6022 60KV VLF hipot tester. It has a variable output voltage of 0-60 KV at a frequency of 0.1 to 0.02 Hertz. It can test a 35 Kilovolt cable with a maximum distance of 10 miles. It has a voltmeter, capacitance meter and a charging current meter. It also has a two-piece design for easy transportation and carrying.

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