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Test Breakdown Voltage of Dielectric Oils with the Megger OTS60SX

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Oil testing is very important because oil degradation can result in reduced operating life of your equipment. The most common causes of oil degradation are presence of moisture, contaminants and increased acidity. An oil dielectric tester helps in determining the breakdown voltage of the oil and ensure it is still within its rating.

The Megger OTS60SX is a reliable tester that allows you to conduct oil breakdown voltage tests of up to 60 kiloVolts. This Megger tester can perform dielectric oil assessments in transformers, circuit breakers and other electrical equipment. Its semi-automatic, microprocessor controlled system allows you to configure the voltage rise rates depending on the testing standard. Once you start the 
high voltage test, the system will determine the breakdown voltage and automatically shut off the test voltage. You can also conduct a withstand assessment by pausing the test for one minute. The test results are then displayed on its LED readout. It has several safety features like an interlock door, polycarbonate window protected high voltage chamber and a mesh screen to reduce EMI.

If you find the OTS60SX interesting, you can rent one from Protec Equipment Resources. Contact our equipment specialists today for a rental quote.