Test Battery Health with the Megger BITE 2P

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Why test battery systems?

There are three main reasons to test battery systems:

– To insure the supported equipment is adequately backed up

– To prevent unexpected failures by tracking the battery’s health

– To forewarn and/or predict failure

Batteries are complex chemical mechanisms. They have numerous components from grids, active material, posts, jar and cover, etc. – any one of which can fail.

Megger_BITE2pUse the Megger BITE 2P, a Battery Impedance Test Set, to test and trend the state-of-health of either lead-acid or NiCd cells up to 7000 Ah.

Megger BITE 2P Battery Impedance Test Set features:

•    Internal memory for storing measurements, pilot and ambient cell temperatures and ripple current.
•    15-second testing per cell
•    RS232 PC connectivity for data analysis and report generation
•    Built-in printer
•    100 to 130 volts and 210 to 250 V AC input voltages
•    Large digital LC screen
•    6.50 VDC at 1.10 Amperes output
•    0.5% one sigma precision
•    3-second settling time
•    EMC Directive 2004/108/EC and LVD Directive 2006/95/EC compliant
•    Weighs 8.2kg unpacked

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