Test any Type of Relay with the Megger Pulsar Three Relay Test Set

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Circuit breakers and relays are prone to damage because of their contacts opening and closing. Contacts often weld together or carbonize because of the arcing caused by inductive kickbacks. A faulty device can be very dangerous because it can damage the electrical system and other devices. A relay test set helps assess if its operational characteristics are still within acceptable range.

Many engineers and technicians prefer to use the Megger Pulsar Three Relay test system. It is a three phase relay test system that has an independent battery simulator and timer modules. It can output three phase voltage and current at 150 amperes each. This test system has a variable phase angle and frequency output for testing several types of relays. It can output several harmonic frequencies due to its wide-frequency bandwidth. This tester allows you to generate several waveforms like half waves, sine waves and square waves which are used in special testing applications. It has a built-in RS 232 port so you can use it with a computer.

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