Test All Types of Circuit Breakers with the Doble TDR9100

Doble_TDR9100The Doble TDR9100 Circuit Breaker Test System is an essential test set for circuit breaker testing – providing Main Contact timing, Motion, Resistance and Capacitance measurements with the flexibility to double or triple useable channels.

A state-of-the-art test system engineered to test all types of circuit breakers with efficient and accurate performance measurements, the Doble TDR9100 is a rugged and field-portable instrument for simple and complex testing of circuit breakers..

Doble TDR9100 benefits:

• Verify the control circuit
• Check motion of the moving parts
• Validate time of operation
• Pinpoint root causes of problems
• Assess circuit breaker overall capability
• Fulfill compliance testing requirements
• Demonstrate results of maintenance

Doble TDR9100 features:

• Main/Resistor contact timing of up to 4 breaks per phase
• Measures pre-insertion resistors and shunt capacitors
• 3 digital motion channels
• 6 programmable event channels
• Supports 20kHz sampling rate and expanded analog measurement ranges
• Double or triple all useable channels, up to 12 breaks per phase, by connecting multiple sets
• The accuracy of a laboratory instrument designed for durability in the field

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