Test ABB SACE Air Circuit Breakers Electronic Trip Unit with the ABB TS3

ABB TS3 Trip Unit Test SetTo test low voltage ABB SACE air circuit breakers electronic trip units, rely on the ABB TS3 Trip Unit Test Set . With one-phase secondary current injection, the TS3 Trip Unit Test Set is a testing device that verifies functionality and assures that circuit breakers are working at peak performance.

The TS3 Trip Unit Test Set performs functionality test on ABB SACE S1, S2, AR1, PR1, PR111, PR112, PR113, PR121, PR122, PR123, PR231, PR232, PR331, PR332, PR333 Low voltage electronic trip unit.

The TS3 Trip Unit Test Set permits personalized operating parameters by the user, according to the characteristic of the tests to be performed. Few parameters can only be read, while the other can be edited too, and will be available on the display and on the test report, produced by the TS3 at every test.

Along with microprocessor digital technology the test set utilizes a user interface LCD display and membrane keyboard.

Unit parameters and functional modality are adjustable by using the front keyboard, and the TS3 confirms with a beep signal at the end of the test.

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