TDRs and SFRAs Allows Quick and Easy Transformer Diagnostics

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Testing distribution transformers using ordinary tools can be a hassle because you need to take it out from its metal casing. It can also be messy because of the insulating oil clinging on the transformer. With the advancement of diagnostic equipment, testing of transformers is now made fast and easy. 

Modern test equipment lets you test transformers easily without taking them out of their casing. Some of the tools used in transformer diagnostics are the sweep frequency response analyzer and the leakage reactance module. You should consider investing in these tools to be able to constantly monitor the condition of your transformers. However, if there are budget constraints, you might want to try 
test equipment rental. This service allows you to pay only for the days you used the tools. You do not need to spend thousands of dollars on test equipment just to be able to carry out maintenance works. The service lets you save money on maintenance costs.

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