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TDR, A Safe and Convenient Cable Fault Locator

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Cables are prone to deterioration because they are often exposed to extreme conditions like temperature variations and other elements. Minor defects like chaffed insulation may not immediately affect the operation of the cables. However, if left neglected, this can cause major problems in the electrical system. Finding faults early reduces the hassles of unexpected service interruptions and expensive labor costs on repairs.

There are several 
cable testing equipment used to detect faults. The easiest and safest tool is a time domain reflectometer. This tester works like a radar to spot irregularities in cables. It sends a pulse to the cable and detects the reflected signals caused by defects. This cable fault locator uses a lower voltage compared to other testers which reduces the risk of damaging the test sample. Also this tester locates the defect even if it is several thousands of feet away. This is more convenient than visually inspecting the whole cable installation.

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