Tan Delta Testing with HV Diagnostics TD30

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Insulation testing is an important part of every electrical maintenance and diagnostic routine. The HV Diagnostics Tan Delta TD30 assists techs in the field and engineers on the job site with detecting insulation faults before cable failure. The unit was primarily created to be used in conjunction with the HVA30 model for very low frequency cable testing.  

The tan delta quickly measures and stores testing results of any device used for VLF hipot testing. This allows tan delta testing to become part of every routinely scheduled system diagnostics. What makes this unit even more useful on the job is its long battery life. Using standard alkaline C batteries, this workhorse will provide enough power to conduct tests for 10 hours. It also comes with 30 feet of cable sufficient for use with the HVA 30 tester.

The computer software that accompanies this tan delta system offers real time current and voltage output display so that the entire testing picture is available right at your fingertips. As far as convenience, the test data is easily transmitted using Bluetooth wireless directly to your laptop or PDA so no direct connections are needed.

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