Tan Delta Bridges and VLF Hipot Testers from HV Diagnostics

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When you are ready to perform diagnostics on your electrical equipment, HV Diagnostics provides convenient tools that offer reliable testing you can count on to perform optimally. Their VLF line and Tan Delta bridges are some of the most trusted in the industry so having an understanding of just what testing operations these apparatus can perform will offer insight into which pieces of equipment your company needs.

Tan Delta bridges such as the 
TBD60 efficiently measure deteriorating shielded cable insulation. When the Tan Delta number increases, it means the insulation is starting to deteriorate. By establishing a baseline and recording results over time, the Tan Delta results help users find trends in cabling conditions over a period of time and determine whether new cable installation is required. 

The Tan Delta bridges operate over very low frequency so they can also be used as an add on with VLF hipot testing performed with the model HVA30 by HV Diagnostics. VLF testing allows cable integrity to be verified with an AC voltage using a lower frequency output. By using both of these pieces of diagnostic testing equipment, users will know for certain as to whether cables or other accessories are still in working condition. 

Both the TBD60 and HVA30 systems are available for short or long term rental here at Protec Equipment Resources. Discover the difference in customer service with our affordable program that will equip you with everything you need to get the job performed on time. Give us a call or contact us online through our Protec Insider form today