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Storms on the horizon?

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With tropical storm already underwaymay be a harbinger of what the remainder of the year will look like. Many of us are successfully putting a cap on the threats to our business, as is happening with the current oil leak in the gulf.  However, as the economic storms loom over us, we may have to delay those efforts until the storms blow over.

The majority of the economic analysts forecast growth through the remainder of 2010, however that growth comes mostly from overseas activities.  That means we can expect some lean times in the months ahead.  Large capital expenditures, such as purchasing relay test sets, or even more moderate expenses such as AC hipots, may have to be delayed.   In times like these, renting makes even more sense – preserving capital while still extending capabilities.

While weathering a storm is tough on the soul, we are stronger when we come through on the other side.