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Stop Possible Electrical Fires with Megger Insulation Testers

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The most common source of fires and electrical shocks in power systems is faulty insulation. Insulators can fail if there are improper splices or moisture and dirt accumulates. This can cause electrical shorts which can damage the electrical system and other devices. Regular testing is important to ensure that insulators are in good working condition. An insulation test set can help in detecting flaws in insulation which can be corrected immediately to prevent further damage.

Megger insulation test sets are the commonly used equipment for testing insulation. Due to the popularity of the test equipment used, the test itself is sometimes called a Megger insulation test by electricians. Many technicians, electricians and maintenance personnel trust Megger testers for its accuracy and reliability.

Insulation test sets measure resistance by passing a high voltage through the conductor and measuring the small current that can flow. Good insulators have a value of several hundred mega ohms to terra ohms. This is a good value to isolate several hundreds to thousand of volts.

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