Step-Voltage and Dielectric Absorption Testing with the 210400 5kV Megger Meter

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Measuring insulation resistance is one way of determining the quality of insulation on electrical components. A good insulator should have a very high resistance to current. However, when the insulator cracks, has a high amount of moisture, dirt or other impurities, the resistance is lowered. This lowers the breakdown voltage and increases the risk of flashovers, localized Ohmic heating and eventual failure.

To help you diagnose insulation problems in the electrical system, you might be interested in theMegger 210400 5 kiloVolt MegOhmmeter. This tool has a variable output voltage ranging from 250 Volts up to 5 kiloVolts which makes it suitable for step-voltage and dielectric absorption testing. This Megger meter has a rugged construction which allows it to tolerate the rough conditions of field testing.

Product Features

  •        Continuously variable test voltage at 5 mA current
  •        Zero-start interlock switch and circuit breaker protection
  •        Shielded output cable and redundant ground connections
  •        Analog metering and can measure resistance up to 100,000 MΩ
  •        Impact-resistance enclosure
  •        Color-coded meter scales
  •        Guard terminal eliminates surface leakage current
  •        20.5 lbs
  •        120 VAC 60 Hz line input
  •        12 mA short-circuit current

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