Stay Vigilant with Cable Fault Locator Equipment

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If you run power communication cables, then at one point or another you may experience faults.  Preventing those faults from happening or being able to predict when it does can mean the difference in pinpointing the fault’s location and repairing or replacing it before total equipment meltdown and failure occur. For diagnosing cable faults, a cable fault locator will be a valuable asset to your tool arsenal. A highly accurate locator can mean the difference between having to implement time consuming and expensive testing to a relatively short diagnosis and repair schedule that gets your equipment back online and operational quickly.

Far better is it to prevent faults from occurring then to have to react to problems after the fact and then spend time in repair mode. As technological advances in electric test equipment continue to grow, more and more electricians, technicians, engineers and installers will find that a regular maintenance schedule on expensive equipment is the best use of time and resources. Regular testing preserves and extends the life and usability of electrical equipment and apparatus. 

One of the benefits of using cable testing equipment provided by Protec is that delivery, calibration and maintenance of the cable test equipment is our job. Our rental program will give you the equipment you need for however long you need it so that you can keep your electrical equipment tested and operational for as long as possible. With our 24/7 technical support, we are always just a phone call away whenever you need us. Protec Insiders also receive special rental deals and updated info on the latest equipment releases. Stay connected by becoming an insider today.