Stay Safe with a Circuit Breaker Test Set..

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If you need to test thermal or magnetic overload relays or other protective devices for current, then a circuit breaker test set will provide the right level of performance to simulate a fault or overload situation quickly and easily. These sophisticated test sets utilize control circuitry with necessary instruments to safely test circuit breakers accurately and effectively. 

Circuit breaker timers provide added control to enable time delays for short, long or instantaneous trips. Find the right circuit breaking testing apparatus from our large selection of equipment. Some of our more popular models include: 

Vanguard CT-6500 Circuit Breaker Timer – Analyzer
This Vanguard test equipment serves as a timer for circuit breakers as well as a travel analyzer operating with up to 7000 ohms of insertion resistance. It will also simultaneously monitor all three breaker poles. Testing can be performed using the unit alone or with computer via USB or interface.

Electrical Test Instruments PI-5000
This Portable Circuit Breaker Test Set by Electrical Test Instruments combines two models, the PI2500 and AUX-5000 auxiliary output, to allow for up to 4000 amp breaker testing. The auxiliary offers portability for squeezing into tight spots and use through manholes or shafts that larger units could not handle. 

Amprobe AT-2005
This Amprobe model provides circuit tracing and cable indentifiying in one handy boxed system. This all in one unit finds buried or concealed wires, traces broken ones, locates breakers and grounds and isolates shorts and faults all without electronic equipment interference. 

We also offer short and long term rental programs to make the right equipment available for your job at an affordable price. Give our customer care staff a call today at 866.352.5550 or submit your information online to learn more