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Stay Safe While Carrying Out HV Diagnostics

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When you expose any device to high voltage test, there are chances that the device might fail if the test is not carried out properly. This is why it is very important to carry out all steps cautiously, so that no accidents are made.

Why Are 
HV Diagnostics Needed?
The main reason behind these tests is to check if each circuit module is isolated from others or not. If there are any small defects in the circuit, they will not show up during normal testing, but things might take a catastrophic turn when the system is put to use. This is why it is important to test the system by putting it under high voltage to see if it passes the test or not.

How To Do It Safely
Before you test the equipment with high voltage current, make sure you study the circuit carefully. This way you’ll understand how the network is made and what should get affected when you apply high voltage at a part in the circuit.

High voltage can damage the equipment and even be dangerous for the technician, so it is best to use only the top brands for testing equipment. Some good devices are Dranetz px5 and Doble 6150. If you use faulty testing devices, high voltages can be generated at wrong times, causing a lot of damage.