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Stay Connected with Protec

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If you’ve visited our website or followed our blog for a while, then you are probably aware of Protec’s commitment to providing our clients with the best test and measurement equipment available today.  When it comes to offering knowledge with our service, we also hope to give our clients and readers what they need to make their businesses and projects more successful.

There are several ways to contact us for the latest information about relay test set, DLRO or other testing equipment needs. This post serves to provide you with an additional resource to find just the information you are looking for about our rental plans, purchase program or just contacting us.

Renting from Protec is easy. Simply visit the product page of the equipment you are interested in, and look for the button that says “request quote.” That will take you to a page where you can provide your information, and then one of our customer support staff will contact you to provide that rental quote and arrange for equipment delivery. Visit our equipment catalog to start finding the equipment you need. 

Maybe you’ve participated in our try before you buy program or already know the equipment you want to purchase for your company. Simply visit our Sales page to begin finding test equipment for sale. You can also click the “request a quote” button to have someone contact you with pricing. 

Stay Connected with Us
The easiest way to receive updated information about the latest equipment releases or special deals on rentals is to become a Protec Insider. Simply submit your information on our Protec Insider page and we will alert you when new information becomes available. Of course, you may also reach us by phone anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 866-352-5550.