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Square D UTS-3 Secondary Injection Test Set is Designed to Perform

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Secondary current injection tests are normally conducted to check the operation of a breaker and their protective relays/devices.

Secondary injection testing is different from primary injection testing because it is normally conducted when the circuit breaker is closed but is not carrying any current through its main poles. 

Square D UTS-3 Secondary Injection Test SetSecondary injection testing normally involves disconnection of the protective device from its normal VT/CT and connection to a specialist test set that can inject and measure/record the required operating signal directly into the protective device relay to cause it to operate the circuit breaker. 

The advantage of secondary injection testing is that the circuit breaker does not  interrupt large amounts of current and only low voltage signals are injected to operate the device. 

The Square D UTS-3 Secondary Injection Test Set is designed to perform operational tests and diagnoses of Square D electronic trip circuit breakers, circuit breaker components and tripping functions. 

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