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Spotting Relay Problems With Doble Test Equipment

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Relays play an important role in any electrical facility. They switch high currents using low currents and also protect equipment from ground faults or over currents. It is essential to test them regularly to prevent hassles in your electrical system.

Inductive kickbacks in relays can cause damage to the contacts after a while. This can corrode or weld the contacts together. This causes the relay not to respond to the trip signal injected to it. A faulty relay can cause an electrical system to get damaged. To help diagnose relay problems, a 
relay test set is used. It generates a trip signal and assesses the relay if it will operates according to its design. Doble relay test sets like the F2000 series models are some of the most popular tools used in conducting relays tests in an industrial setting. Their heavy duty models allow them to operate reliably even in harsh environments. Also the features it offers makes testing simple and more efficient. 

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