Spot Relay Faults with the F2253 Doble Relay Test Set

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One of the most common problems of relays is stuck contacts. Due to the frequent switching of the contacts, they tend to weld after a while of usage. This can be a hassle during the operation of equipment. It is important to test for problems to prevent delays or possible risks in the electrical system.

relay test set is at tool used to simulate the operating conditions of relays and detect problems in the mechanism. It generates necessary phasor and logic signals to be injected into the relay to be tested.  One of the most popular test sets available on the market is the F2253 Doble relay test set. It has a modular design so you can attach modules to enhance the testing capabilities of the tester. It features  a built-in multimode timer which provides timing and event sensing. It can be triggered to start or stop by internal events or through external trip signals. The signals sensed by the inputs are also used to control the phase, amplitude and the frequency of the signal generator. This allows you to conduct dynamic-state test on most relay types.

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