Spot Insulation Problems with BM25 Megger Insulation Test Set

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Moisture, contamination, mechanical stress and vibration can degrade an insulator. Regular testing can prevent damages to electrical components in a power system. An insulation tester detects problems with insulation by applying a sufficiently high test voltage to the conductor.

The Megger BM25 is an automated 5 Kilo Volt portable insulation tester. It is a high performance multi-function test tool that can conduct dielectric discharge diagnostic, polarization index, step voltage and insulation resistance tests up to 5 Terra Ohms. BM25 is a weatherproof and rugged device that is suitable for testing switchgears, motors, cables and transformers. To make testing easier, it has an integrated timer for measuring the duration of the test. You can connect it to a computer through its optically isolated RS 232 port so you can transfer the test results to your computer. For accurate measurements, it has a built-in interference rejection circuit that minimizes the effects of electrical noise on the readings. The readings can be viewed on its large and clear LCD display.

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