Spot Current Transformer Problems with the EZCT-10 from Vanguard Test Instruments

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The Vanguard EZCT-10 automatic CT tester is a higher output version of the EZCT 2A. The high output current allows you to test most current transformers in heavy industrial facilities.

This CT tester can put out 200Volts at 10 Amperes up to 1200 Volts at 1.5 Amperes. It can automatically calculate for current-ratio, excitation and polarity tests. This simplifies your testing routine by minimizing the guess-work. Test results are displayed on its LCD screen or you have the option to print out test results. The built-in thermal printer gives results in a simple graphical from for quick reports. If you want a more detailed report, use an external printer to get a graph and tabulated data. It can be used as a stand-alone unit or connected to a computer through its USB or RS232 port. The bundled 
Vanguard test device software lets the computer retrieve the test results from the device and export it to an excel file. Most high voltage test equipment are bulky but this model is portable and only weighs 25 kg which allows it to be transported easily 

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