Spot Bad Welds in Drag Racing Cars with a DLRO

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Protective cages and car bodies reinforced with rolled bars are some of the safety features incorporated in a drag racing car. Visually inspecting these isn’t sufficient because you need to ensure that it is durable enough to withstand a crash. 

To effectively detect welding joint problems, a DLRO is used. This Ohmmeter can detect problems in metal joints my measuring resistance changes. Weakened welded spots will change its resistance which is compared to its baseline data. This lets technicians determine if a weld is strong enough or weakened. A faulty part can put the driver’s life at risk if not corrected. If you are planning to get a low resistance Ohmmeter. You might want to check out a Megger DLRO. Megger’s DLROs are trusted by many technicians and electricians because of its superb features and reliability. It offers several models with features that will meet your testing needs. They are also portable which is ideal for garage or field use. Investing in one is a good addition to your existing tools. If you are undecided, why not rent one to try out its features first and decide if it suits you.

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