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Spot Bad Relays with the Doble TDR9000 Circuit Breaker Timer

Doble_TDR9000If your electrical system over loads and your circuit breaker fails to open, it can cause your power line to overheat and eventually fail. This damages every component in your electrical system which means down time for your business and income losses. The hassles could’ve been prevented if the problem was detected early. 

Keep your circuit breakers well maintained with the Doble TDR9000 Circuit Breaker Test System
. It is a high performance test set with a modular design so you can easily upgrade your system and expand its capabilities.

This gives you the capability to test different circuit breakers like live tank EHV breakers with eight breaks per phase to dead tanks OCB. It saves you time in doing tests because it also allows you to simultaneously measure the resistance of the insertion resistors and the travel time of the contacts. Doble TDR9000 also has built-in channels for monitoring trip and close coil currents which gives you information about the electrical and mechanical condition of the trip and close system of the circuit breaker.

The Doble TDR9000 is available for rent through Protec Equipment Resources. We offer test equipment rental of Doble test equipment and other diagnostic tools from leading manufacturers. Call us and request for a quote today.

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