Speedy Results with Megger Low Resistance Ohmmeter

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When shopping for a low resistance ohmmeter, the Megger DLRO series offers digital technology to provide accurate and speedy results. These high quality digital ohmmeters are fully automatic with users only needing to choose the best test current for measuring resistance on one out of seven different ranges. 

For a safe and quick work flow, testing objects can be ground on both sides, and because the Megger ohmmeters are lightweight and handheld, field work is a breeze to perform no matter how large or tight a space may be. The power supply is strong enough to take a full day of field work without needing a charge, and some models allow for manual selection, results download in real time or storage for later PC downloading.

Rugged cases protect the equipment to make moving from lab to field quick and easy. The Megger meter utilizes Kelvin testing methods for accurate test readings and their equipment offers customizable options for special application needs. Lead sets are also available for high current and wind turbine lightning protection testing and a variety of clamps to suit necessary applications. 

Protec Equipment Resources is your resource for renting or purchasing Megger ohmmeters that offer highly accurate measurements of low resistance values.