Specifications of the Megger DLRO200-115 Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter

Megger DLRO200-115 200A Digital Low Resistance OhmmeterThe Megger DLRO200-115 Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter (DLRO) checks and measures contact resistance in high voltage circuit breakers, disconnecting switches (isolators) or busbar joints.

Megger DLRO200-115 Specifications:


Range: 0.1 µΩ to 999.9 mΩ (Subject to supply voltage and leads used)


Voltage: ±0.5% ± 0.1 mV

Current: ±0.5% ± 0.1 A

Resistance: Better than 1% from 100 µΩ to 100 mΩ

Current Lead Resistance (Megger supplied leads)

2 x 16 ft (5 m) 25 mm2 current leads 8 mΩ

2 x 16 ft (5 m) 50 mm2 current leads 4 mΩ

2 x 33 ft (10 m) 70 mm2 current leads 5.4 mΩ

2 x 49 ft (15 m) 95 mm2 current leads 6 mΩ

Maximum Continuous Test Time

More than 10 minutes at 200 A @ 68° F (20º C) ambient.

Power Supply for full output (additional smoothed): 100 to 130 V 50/60 HZ with a load less than 11 mΩ including current leads

Test Modes: Manual, Auto, Continuous.

Test Time: 10 seconds NORMAL /AUTO mode. Refreshed every 2 seconds in CONTINUOUS mode

Display: Large, high resolution backlit liquid crystal display

Warnings Current flowing: – LED. Other warnings are shown on the lcd display.

Data Transfer: Real time or batch download via RS232 using Download Manager.

Storage Capacity: 300 result sets and memo, battery backed for 10 years.

Memo field: 160 characters max.

Test Current

Range: Filtered direct current; 10 A to 200 A d.c.

Accuracy: ±2% ±2 A

Voltmeter input

Impedance: >200 kΩ

Hum rejection: 5 V rms 50 Hz/60 Hz


Operation: 14 to +122º F (-10 to +50º C)

Storage: -13 to 149º F (-25 to +65º C)

Calibration: 68° F (20º C)

Co-efficient: <0.05% per º C

Max. Humidity: 95% RH non-condensing

Maxi Altitude: 6562 ft. (2000 m)

Safety: IEC61010 – (1995)

EMC: EN61326 annex A (heavy industrial)

Dimensions: 16.4 x 9.84 x 10.63 in.(410 x 250 x 270 mm)

Weight: 31.97 lbs. (14.5 kg) excluding test leads

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