Specifications for the Larkin M3K Power Semiconductor Tester

Larkin_M3KPower Semiconductors are a family of devices used in all types of industries mainly for AC/DC conversion and motor speed control.

It is imperative that only instruments specifically designed for testing Power Semiconductors are used.

The Larkin Power Semiconductor Tester – Model M3K can test forward or reverse leakage currents at voltages up to 3300V – Designed for testing High Voltage Rectifier Diodes, SCRs/Thyristors, and Power Modules (including IGBTs and Darlington Transistors.



Larkin M3K Specifications

Electrical specifications apply for an operating temperature range of 15oF to 120oF

(-10oC to 50oC), relative humidity up to 80%.

Input Voltage

120V, 50-60Hz, 1A

High Voltage Mode (PRV/PFV)

Peak Reverse and Forward Voltage

Peak Leakage Current @ 3 mohm

Short Circuit Current

Test Duration


0 – 3300 VDC

1 mA

20 mA

max. 15 seconds

Gate Mode

Gate Voltage

Anode Voltage


0 – 15 VDC, 10 ohm source impedance

18 V, 10 ohm, 1/2 sine wave

Panel Meters


Peak Anode Voltage

Peak Leakage Current


Gate Mode

Gate Voltage

Gate Current



3300 V

19.99 mA




1999 mA

Oscilloscope Input


X- axis (voltage) sensitivity

Y-axis (current) sensitivity


Gate Mode (Anode Voltage/Current Curve)

X- axis (voltage) sensitivity

Y-axis (current) sensitivity



1.0 V/div=1000 V/div

1.0 V/div=10 mA/div



2.0 V/div=10 V/div (Anode Voltage)

2.0 V/div=1 A/div (Anode Current)

Case Dimensions

(H x W x L) 8″ x 8″ x 16″


10.6 Lbs.

Test Standard


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