Some of the Power Quality Analyzers You Might Find Interesting

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Maintaining good power quality in an electrical facility is very important because of the problems it can cause. Aside from high power losses, your equipment is also at risk of failure. Investing in a good analyzer ensures your electrical system is at its peak efficiency.

There many things affected when power quality suffers. Electrical components like transformers can prematurely age and eventually fail. Power line distortion causes more eddy currents to be generated, resulting in electrical stress and overheating. If you are thinking of investing in an analyzer, you might be interested with some of the popular models like the Amprobe DM-III or the
Dranetz PX5 analyzers. You can rent one of these power quality analyzers so you can evaluate what model suits your needs. These analyzers let you measure THD, TIM and voltage variations in your power line. This lets you analyze and properly compensate the power line to reduce the bad effects of power distortion. 

The PX5 and DM-III analyzers are available for rent from Protec. We offer long or short-term test equipment lease to meet your needs. Call us at 1-866-352-5550 for a complete list of other electrical test equipment in stock.