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Siemens PTS-5, a Secondary Injection Test Set You Can Count On


Regular testing and maintenance of circuit breakers and relays is necessary when dealing with sophisticated electrical systems.

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Performance tests such as insulation resistance tests, contact resistance and electrical operational tests should be performed to verify that the circuit breaker is able to perform as intended.

The Siemens PTS-5 Secondary Injection Test Set is designed for performing secondary injection testing of the Static Trip III (STIII) overcurrent tripping system utilized on the RL breaker. The system is packaged in a self-contained case and requires 120VAC to operate.

The Siemens PTS-5 contains a microprocessor controlled constant current source which enables rapid verification of the performance of the STIII.

The desired test current may be directly entered with a numeric keypad for quick and ease test configuration. The self-contained digital timer allows for simple and automatic verification of the actual operating time-current characteristics in comparison to the manufacturer’s published time-current-curve. The Siemens PTS-5 Secondary Injection Test Set also provides a regulated DC voltage to allow functional testing of the tripping actuator.


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published September, 2014 and has been updated freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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