Seven Apps for the Dranetz PX5

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While you may be aware of the advances made by the Dranetz PX5 Power Quality Analyzer from our previous posts about this power monitoring equipment, you may not know of the many varied applications that users typically find for this versatile tool. As you’ll see from the following seven applications, this lightweight power system is really useful for measuring a variety of conditions and events:

Transient Capture – this Dranetz model provides digital samples at high speeds by capturing and analyzing transients. Results allow for accurate pinpointing of an event’s source and cause with a time stamp feature on every transient event to the millisecond.

Survey & Diagnostics – understanding power quality is essential for every user of the PX5. This system offers techs the ability to gather necessary data and then troubleshoot issues in order to improve the quality of power along with reliability of the equipment being tested.

Capacitor Events – when switched, many capacitors will often produce transients of an oscillatory nature. These will propagate throughout a power system resulting in process and equipment damage. The PX5 will identify and capture these fast moving transients.

Load Distortion & Imbalance – users often need to measure an entire range of parameters including sequences, arithmetic and vector within the IEEE 1459. The Power Xplorer provides evaluations of distortions and restores loads back to balance.

Flicker Data – this information is captured and used within the Dranetz software to aid in the visualization of results data in order for analysis and reports.
Compliance – Within this power quality analyzer is the ability to measure and verify benchmark standards of power quality. Statistical results are provided within the software to maintain compliance with international standards.

Harmonics – capturing every level of harmonics gives users the ability to troubleshoot and solve complex issues caused by harmonic events.

While testing applications are plenty on this power analyzer, the ease of accessing and analyzing results is made possible through the remote communications capability. Using a USB port or Ethernet cable, data may be sent to a computer desktop or laptop for use with the provided DRAN-VIEW software. There is also a 4 gigabyte optional flash memory available for use with this instrument.

Dranetz offers multi-language support for Chinese, French, Japanese, Italian, Finnish, German, Spanish, Korean, Swedish, Thai and Polish. Users also love the easy to read, color touch display. Find power quality analyzers and other test equipment rental instruments here at Protec Equipment Resources. Take a look at our online inventory to find the equipment you need and then submit a request for rental quote or give us a call.