Selecting a Power Factor Test Set Suitable for Your Needs

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Power factor insulation testers measure the capacitive and resistive currents that are flowing in an insulator. It is important to get a tester that has a sensitive input system in order to detect these currents. It should also be well calibrated because even small deviations can cause the ratio to change and give wrong test results. When choosing a good tester, you should consider comparing each other’s features in order to find a tool that perfectly meets your needs.

Here are some articles about popular power factor measuring tools on the market. This will help you understand what to expect from the tools.

Make Insulation Testing Convenient with the M4100
 is an article about the M4100’s other test functions aside from power factor measurements.

The Interference Resistant Doble M4000 discusses the ability of the M4000 to reject EMI that might affect the test results. This makes it an ideal tool in noisy environments like substations.

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