Secondary Injection Testing for Continuous and Safe Operation of Circuit Breakers

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A secondary injection test set helps in finding faults in circuit breakers by simulating the operating and overloaded conditions of the circuit breaker. This test is safer on circuit interrupters because the protective device is disconnected from the power line. This reduces damage caused by inductive kickback generated when it interrupts large currents.

Assessing protective devices for signs of degradation ensures its continuous and safe operation. Faulty interrupters can trip even if the current is within acceptable limits. It can cause intermittent power especially if it trips repeatedly. A 
circuit breaker test set helps determine if the circuit breaker is within its normal operating limits. When getting a test set for your circuit breakers, it should have enough output current appropriate for the type of circuit breakers you have in your facility. It is also advised to get a fully digital test set because this gives you more accurate results.

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