Secondary Injection Test Set for Circuit Breakers

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Circuit breakers are prone to damage because they have to interrupt a large amount of current and protect an electrical system from overload. Corroded contacts can weld together and not break when needed. This can cause serious damage to the electrical system and other equipment. Regular maintenance testing is required to make sure the circuit breakers are in good condition.

Circuit breaker testing requires special equipment to test it properly. The usual tool used in testing is a secondary injection test set. This test device injects a current that’s enough to operate the circuit breaker. However, during a secondary injection test, the breaker is outside of the electrical circuit. This means it isn’t tested while it is operating under load. It is only tested if it will open at a certain predetermined current. The advantage of this test is that it injects a small signal and the circuit breaker doesn’t have to interrupt large currents on its poles. This is safer because the circuit breaker will not be damaged during testing.

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