Secondary Injection Test Kit for Testing

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Relays are known for switching current continuously, which results in premature degradation of the device. Current switching makes the coil magnetic field to collapse, which induces a counter EMF. This in turn results in a spark that jumps across contacts that causes deposition of carbon. Carbon deposition results in decreased device life.

To make sure this doesn’t happen to your equipment, you need to test it regularly. Testing helps you detect minor problems before they turn into major faults. This is where a secondary injection test kit comes into play. It is a device that assesses the control and mechanism of relays. There are many companies offering top quality testing equipment. You can use Doble relay testing or Megger test equipment – there are many choices.

The tester basically simulates real world environments and simulates trigger signals to check if your relay responds perfectly. Here are some features that you should look for in a testing unit before buying/renting it.

  •        Can test software and hardware components of your equipment
  •        Lets you conduct trip function and protection tests
  •        Allows you to program threshold, interlock, and curve parameters of your circuit breakers
  •        Is rugged and portable, and is easy to carry

Make sure your electrical equipment is safe with the right testing device.