SBS IBEX-1000P Battery Impedance Test Set Helps Detect Bad Cells in Batteries

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The reliability of a battery can tested by simply measuring its impedance. The battery components have an RLC characteristic that reacts to AC current. If there are any problems with them, the internal impedance will change. This characteristic helps determine the internal condition of the battery.

An AC current is passed through the battery and the reactance is measured. The voltage drop across the cells can also be measured to determine if there’s a dead cell. If you are looking for
battery testing equipment, you might want to check out the SBS IBEX-1000P Battery Impedance Tester. It can test batteries with a capacity of 10Ah up to 6000Ah. It also features an auto zero point and scaling adjustment to simplify testing. Its SBS Exmons Pro Software allows you to organize test results and make report generation easy. With its simplicity and great features, you’ll be sure you’ll get the best value for your money.

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