Save Time Testing Current Transformers with the MCT1600 from Megger Test Instruments

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Current transformers are used to convert the very high current from the main electrical line to a lower value that’s safe for metering equipment. It is important to keep current transformers in good condition because this can cause inaccurate power monitoring or severe damage to your metering equipment. One of the current transformer testers you might be interested in is the Megger MCT1600. It offers superb features to ensure you get accurate and fast results.

MCT1600 Megger tester features a single-button automated test for knee-point, demagnetization, CT ratio, phase deviation, polarity and saturation test. This saves you time and effort getting the right test configuration and manually conducting the test. It also has an integrated 1 kiloVolt insulation tester. It has a large and clear LCD screen where the test results are displayed. You also have the option to print the results using an external printer or save it in a USB thumb drive for later retrieval. The MCT1600 Megger meter features a full QWERTY keypad so you can input additional data during testing.

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