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Save Time and Effort Testing Relays with the ISA-T1000 Relay Test Set

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Relays need to be well maintained because they play a mission-critical role in an electrical system. They are used to switch heavy currents and cut off current during overloaded conditions. Relay failures can cause serious damage to the electrical facility leading to expensive repairs and service interruptions. 

One of the popular relay testers on the market is the ISA-T1000 
relay test set. It can test a wide range of relays like incomplete sequence relay, ground detector relay, phase angle out of step relay, lockout relay and a lot more. It has high power outputs and a wide phase angle shifter for customizable test configurations. You can store test settings in its internal storage so every time you need to conduct a specific test, you do not need to reconfigure the T-1000 again. With all its great features, this tool will save you time and effort testing different relays. The T-1000 makes it a great addition to your electrical test equipment.

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