Save Time and Effort in Testing Transformers with Megger Test Equipment

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When testing transformers as per IS-2026, it is important to use the right tools to get false test results. Poorly manufactured or uncalibrated equipment can miss a defect which can jeopardize the electrical system’s stability.

Transformers undergo several tests to be tagged as in good working condition. Winding and insulation resistance measurement, over voltage and source voltage withstand test, load loss and efficiency are some of the tests conducted on a transformer. This helps detect problems in every component and helps assess its efficiency in converting power from its primary to secondary winding. 

Megger test equipment are the most common tools used in conducting these diagnostic tests because of their reliability and convenience. Megger tools have enhanced features that help make testing more efficient. One good example is the S1-1052/2 insulation tester. It can conduct automatic IR, PI, DAR, SV and DD tests. This Megger insulation tester can greatly save you time and effort in testing the transformer.

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