Save Time and Effort in Cable Tracing with the Amprobe AT-3000 Underground Cable Locator

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Buried utilities like power cables, telecommunication lines and water pipes can be difficult to trace without using the right tools. Exploratory digging can take too much time and a lot of manpower to complete. If you would like a fast and easy way of tracing buried cables and pipes, consider getting the Amprobe AT-3000 Underground Cable Fault Locator.

For engineers who are planning to install new underground installations like cables or pipes, theAmprobe AT-3000 can definitely help. This tester can help in setting the proper distance of the new installation to the existing ones. Accidental hitting of an installation due to digging can result in loss of service, unexpected expenses and delays. 

The Amprobe AT-3000 can measure buried cables and pipes at a depth of 10 feet. Whether the cables are energized or deenergized, this locator can still find them. It also has visual and audio indicators and a sensitivity control. It also has a weatherproof polyethylene case to withstand rough handling.

You can get the AT-3000 and other cable testing equipment at Protec Equipment Resources. You have the option to rent, lease or buy test equipment. Check out our inventory for available test equipment or contact us for assistance.