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Save Time and Effort Diagnosing Transformer Problems with the Doble M5200 SFRA

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The magnetic flux path of transformers is sensitive to physical changes in the windings and core. If the geometrical features of these components change, there may be a slight change in ratio and power output of the transformer. This is the importance of regularly assessing the condition of transformers.

Testing transformers was a hassle in the past. Technicians had to take the transformer out from its tank. It was messy and full of insulating oil. This process was time-consuming and required a lot of help from other people. With the advancement of technology, however, things changed. 

No longer do you need to remove the transformer from its tank. This is made possible by using a Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer like the Doble M5200. This tester injects a test signal to the transformer. The RLC characteristics of the transformer resonates and produces a distinct spectrum of frequencies. These frequencies serve as the electrical fingerprint of the transformer. If there are any physical changes in the core, connections or windings, the measured spectrum will vary from the baseline.

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